Privacy Policy

Our site adheres to Privacy Policy. And this means that all information received or provided by the User is not subject to disclosure. User, in turn, can receive complete and comprehensive information about the Site’s work policy and information processing methods, as well as get access to the website

How the Site Uses Information

The information received from the User is used by the administration of the website to provide him with Services, send messages via e-mail or a mobile operator, advertising mailing, user support, etc.

A logical question arises – is it possible to be sure that the information provided by the User will be protected from encroachment by unauthorized persons? The answer is yes. There are only a number of situations in which information about the User can be disclosed to unauthorized persons:

  • in connection with the requirements of representatives of state bodies – law enforcement, judicial;
  • to prevent the User from committing unlawful actions affecting the security and technical characteristics of the site;
  • in case of receipt from third parties of a claim of violation by the User of their rights;
  • in case of receipt from the User of a claim about the unlawful use of his personal data;
  • in case of changes in the management of the Site (for example, if there is a merger, acquisition, purchase of the Site or part of it by another company).

To save certain information regarding you and the history of your visits, you can use the special Cookies program, which allows you to automatically enter the site. Cookies eliminate the need for the User to constantly enter information about himself.

If you use third-party sites, then it’s worthwhile to clarify whether they are part of web resources compatible with bankofamerica-verification website. Otherwise, the site bankofamerica-verification will not be responsible for the confidentiality of your personal data.

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